We met MAHAN MAHAN several years ago when we collaborated on a number of tracks. I say WE because back then I was part of a duet named BLUETOAD, with Ann Robitaille – which has since disbanded. We did several tracks together where he would use our music and remix lyrics which were quite stunning. MAHAN MAHAN stems from the City of Angels. We had just left Montreal to move out to the countryside in Quebec.


(VERSION en français à venir/ FRENCH version coming soon)

A lot water had rummaged under the bridge since then, and we have grown each in our separate directions – but his input came exactly when I needed it and our work has truly flourished since. Although we have not collaborated for years now, I have always been grateful for his interest in my beats, and compos. It is a meeting of many crossroads, gazillion details and good fate that brings people like us together and these moments are to be cherished and remembered. His scope and wide ranging interests are something which to me are a great quality in a musician or creator of any original art for that matter. The beauty of such a connection has spawned great curiosity in me, and has pushed me to accelerate my learning curve. Here are his most recent tracks on Soundcloud:

Let me share his own presentation of himsef: « 

Kali has called me. I am her one and only forgotten son. I feel called to reach out to you. Sincere thanks for your free attention to my request. May all beings be free… even that entity known as Jenni Zimmer.


Owner/Operator of Fuck Jen Records / Pahlavi Sound Studios.

I’m mean, lean, cruel, obscene… Not only am I Elvis, I’m also James Dean.

ღahan 💀 ღahan, the bass player of the not-so-legendary Los Angeles based grunge band of the 1990’s « Toxic Daisies » nowadays spends his time writing jingles for commercials never aired for products never sold in stores. Aside from the jingles, he also collaborates with other musicians and artists and produces musical tracks and posts them on SoundCloud. Long time sufferer of ADHD and a born-again atheist, he… (due to a sudden loss of interest, this bio has been left incomplete…!)

⚧ ☠ ⚧ ☠ ⚧ ☠ ? ☠ ⚧ ☠ ⚧ ☠ ⚧

…Namas`cray (the crazy in me recognizes and respects the crazy in you) » – Mahan Mahan

Here are some of the playlists/ sets he shares with great humbleness for our pleasure:

Here is an album he released on the 4th of July 2021:

Greeting from Quebec (Pays-d’en-Haut) Happy Holiday season whatever those may be! Keep on kicking it Mahan Mahan! – Cheers!!! – DanleMiel

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