LUNA films – Luke Daily & Nathan Fagan-Guimond – Irlande

LUNA: Un collectif d’artistes unis pour créer des œuvres communes qui ont un impact sur la société en général et en temps réel! C’est comme ouvrir toutes les fenêtres et les portes lorsqu’il y a grand vent, c’est avoir peur et le faire quand même! Leur vision est celle de leur génération nourrie par une culture bien fournie par celles d’artistes indépendants qui les ont précédé!

Luna raconte des histoires saisissantes, ancrées dans le réalisme, avec un flair visuel et un style qui s’adressent au public contemporain.

Luna tell arresting stories, grounded in realism, with a visual flair and style that speaks to contemporary audiences.

Director: Luna/ Client: So Beer / The Naked Collective/ Agency: Behaviour

En Irlande il est de coutume pour les hommes de faire abstinence d’alcool pour un mois, le mois de Novevembre, comme abstinence, et une bière sans alcool à savoir zéro est une idée assez cool par rapport à la bière .o5 pourcent.

In the aftermath of a violent assault, twenty-something Danny (Peter Newington) struggles to accept the full extent of his injuries. Moving through the house-parties, nightclubs and bars of today’s Dublin, ‘Flicker’ explores the subtle pressures of contemporary Irish masculinity. It’s a raw, visceral and intimate exploration of contemporary Irish youth culture, masculinity and trauma.

The film features: Sean Doyle, Caoimhe Coburn Gray, Megan Bea-Tiernan, Tony Doyle and Robbie Dunne.
Directed by Luke Daly and Nathan Fagan-Guimond.
Produced by Aaron McEnaney, for Bold Puppy.
Grand Prix Best Irish Short Prize – Cork International Film Festival – 2020 (Oscar-qualifying)
Runner-up (2nd Prize) – Emerging Director Awards Ireland – March 2020
Official Selection (to date):
Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival – March 2020 (Oscar-qualifying)
Odense International Film Festival – 2020 (Oscar-qualifying)
Tirana International Film Festival – 2020 (Oscar-qualifying)
Aesthetica Short Film Festival – 2020 (Bafta-qualifying)
Alcine Film Festival – 2020 (Oscar-qualifying)


Bold Puppy is an Irish production company based in Dublin. We bring bold ideas to life. We produce commercials, music videos, films and documentaries. Our company is made up of an eclectic and innovative team of directors, producers and storytellers. Based in Dublin, we offer a full range of production and post-production services.

A selection of some of our favourite projects from the last 12 months. Enjoy!
Contact Us:

Just Eat EP 2016 from Bold Puppy on Vimeo.

FloGas Gloves Off – Michael Conlan from Bold Puppy on Vimeo.

We teamed up with Flogas Ireland and Modo Creative to produce an interesting piece of insight into the mind and world of Michael Conlan, Michael Conlan one of our many inspirational Olympic hopefuls.
Brand: Flogas
Agency: Mediaworks
Creative and Production: Modo Creative and Bold Puppy

Director: Luke Daly
Producer: Aaron Chalkie
Assistant Director: Gillian Murphy
D.O.P: Kevin Minogue
2nd Camera Operator: Tess Masero Brioso
Editor: James Murphy
Sound Recordist: Simon Murphy
Sound Design: Simon Murphy
Camera Assist: Andrew Moore

Luke Daly and Nathan Fagan-Guimond – aka Luna – are award-winning, IFTA-nominated directors. Working across multiple styles and formats, their work is grounded in a passion for visually-arresting and immersive storytelling.

Their 2020 short drama, Flicker, won the prestigious Gran Prix Award at the Cork International Film Festival, automatically placing it on the longlist for the Oscars. It was subsequently nominated for Best Short Film at the 2021 Irish Film & Television Awards. Their 2018 social issue short documentary, Through the Cracks, was released directly online and has been viewed over 100,000+ times. It was mentioned in nearly every major Irish newspaper and segments were featured on RTE Primetime and Virgin Media News.

They have directed content for: An Post, Liberty Insurance, Jagermeister, AIG, Littlewoods, and Universal Music Ireland. Over the years, they’ve directed music videos for: Walking on Cars, Kitt Phillipa, JyellowL, Gavin James and Fangclub. 

Luna’s work has featured in: The Irish Times, the Irish Independent, Hot Press, Clash Magazine, The Skinny, and many, many more publications. Their films have screened at film festivals all over the world.

Gran Prix Irish Short – Cork International Film Festival – 2020 (Academy Award®-Qualifying Category)

Best Short Film – 2nd Place – Emerging Director Awards 2020

Best Short Documentary – IFI Stranger than Fiction Festival 2015

Best Irish Short Film, Runner Up, Cork Film Festival – 2016

Best Short Documentary  – Guth Gafa Documentary Festival – 2017

Best Short Documentary – Scottish Mental Health & the Arts Festival – 2017

Best Short Documentary – Barcelona International Short Film Festival – 2017

Nominated – Best Short Film – Irish Film & Television Awards (IFTA) 2021

Nominated – Best Irish Short Film / Commercial – Kinsale Shark Awards 2018

Nominated – Best Irish Music Video – Kinsale Shark Awards 2019

Nominated – Best Low Budget Irish Music Video – Kinsale Shark Awards 2021

Nominated – Best Production Design / Music Video – Kinsale Shark Awards 2021

Nominated – Best Editing / Music Video – Kinsale Shark Awards 2021

Nominated – Best Cinematography / Music Video – Kinsale Shark Awards 2021

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