Geopolitics & Empire interviews Dmitry Orlov on Russian military operation in Ukraine

In Gaza

Dmitry is an astute commentator, well worth listening to his take on Russia’s military operation in the Ukraine.

« In terms of the legal basis for the Russian incursion—I wouldn’t call it an invasion; invasion is when you move in to stay, invasion leads to occupation. This is not going to lead to an occupation, so why not call it what it is, which is a military incursion & a disciplinary function—but in terms of the legal basis of it, it’s bullet proof.

Putin is a lawyer, he doesn’t do anything illegal, ever. He makes sure that all the Is are dotted & Ts are crossed, in terms of the legal basis for whatever he does. Everything he does is defensible in court.

…the collective West basically reneged on all the treaties they’ve signed, all the international agreements that they’ve entered into. When they say that Russia is doing something wrong…

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