Russian Military expert Andrei Martyanov on Russia’s denazification & demilitarization operation in the Ukraine

In Gaza

On March 15, I spoke with author and Russian military expert, Andrei Martyanov. His commentary and analysis are based on a deep understanding of Russian military and geopolitical issues.

Among many important things discussed were:

-that Ukraine has used prohibited weaspons against the people of the Donbass, repeatedly, including White Phosphorous

-Ukraine’s use of Ukrainian civilians as human shields, a war crime, preventing them from leaving areas of conflict (much as terrorists did Syrian civilians)

-why Russia is conducting the denazification operation

-that the hatred of Russians and calls for their murder amongst Ukrainian nationalists is not a new thing, but decades old

-that there will be a Ukrainian war crimes tribunal to hold accountable the criminals who have perpetrated untold and horrific war crimes

-Ukraine’s biological weapons

-the blatant propaganda and lies in the media war against Russia, much like the manifold lies we saw around Syria

Please do…

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