AVANTED Rock alternatif Danois

Compilation extraordinaire de 19 compositions et créations de AVANTED


Danish Rock & poetry

August 2020 – update
Well… the covid19 situation really changed our plans for this year…
So! We spent our time, finding out how to stream live concerts on facebook (youtube locked danish users down… so yea – facebook)
We hope to be ready to livestream before to long!
Find us on facebook @info.avanted – and while you’re at it – add @avanted.linnea to your instagram
Again thank you so much for your support!

AVANTED Live at The Magic Garden, Denmark

A live show by AVANTED on video just for us! Wow, so cool, thank you!
Pieces of Perfection – Live at The Magic Garden 2019
We were invited to contribute live, with some of our songs, at the annual birthday party, for The Magic Garden, Denmark, held on September 14th. The Magic Garden is founded by Jacob Moth and Ecaterina. Go and visit their YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/jacobmoth or their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/themagicgarden.dk/?ref=br_rs for more on what happened, that beautiful September day at The Magic Garden where Purple Haze and Axis Mundi amongst others, made some really spectacular and joyful, live performances.

Suivez leur groupe sur Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-194941814
Merci nous adorons votre travail!
– BlueToad

AVANTED – Danish Alternative Rock with a sting – @SoundCloud

Here at Indie_RADIO BlueToad, we a keen on working with couples, who just like us : live and work their music together. In our physical travels as well as virtual travels across the world wibe web, we have been lucky to meet such couples and have connected with a number of them in te hope of shooting a documentary on famillies (couples) that have met through their creative endeavours and have joined lives to pursue their happyness through creation.

For the time being, in this series, we have been limiting ourselves to couples working in music but we have expanded our scope, creating a database of artists from other fields of art, in the hope of creating a bigger documentary encompassing all fields of art. Within the same premisses…

We are proud to introduce you today to a couple working in Denmark : of themselves they write;

Avanted was formally constructed in 2017, and contained a vision to expand musical experiences. Mixing ol’time and new time soundings, into melodic chaos.

Two nutheads playin’ around, tryin’ to find over all reasons, and output to the input.

Band members are IshaBo, the great composer and lifegiver to Linnéas inner-crazy-society-creatures, tryin’ to find a voice.

The rest of the bandmembers are so far imaginary, lovin’ and thankful to the great creators of plugins of all sorts, and of course the mighty creators of Cubase.

We are so happy, you will take your time to listen to our ideas, and hope you will leave a comment and/or a like.

We hope, in time, to be open for collab – so stay in touch.

Live the music – and love with passion.

– IshaBo and Linnéa

Their first 8 track  album demo in entitled: FIRST MOVE:



Their unique blend of classical and traditionnal musics blend perfectly well with the soecial edge that IshaBo brings together in his masterful arrangements bring us to the edge of the future while keeping our ears firmly connected to the music of the past. Each song send us into a variety of audioscapes which although very inspiring are a pretext to introduce their unsusual blend of vocals and sound from today.

Linnéa’s powerful and often disturbing vocals transcend the notion of styles and genres to create a style all of their own.

At Indie_RADIO BlueToad we are eager to produce a podcast with these new friends in order to get to know them better. Their work is smart, brash and lyrics are intelligent. Definitely in our top 10 discoreveries of 2018.

(As a nota bene: Indie_RADIO BlueToad podcasts have been slowed down in their release schedule because BlueToad has moved from Montreal to the Laurentians, into a rural setting, a beautiful new House-Studio which stil needs some tender loving care before going full out into production, up to now we are still waiting for some help, in the shape of collaborators in the studio, and promotion departments, but BlueToad is alive and kicking more than ever, bare with us, you will not regeret it! Stay connected as you will hear from us in the very mear future. We have many increbibly talented bands, couples and projects coming yur way during the winter to come.

DanleMiel, 29/11/18