RADARGRAM – Ambient bliss on Soundcloud

Invoquer le divin avec une musique de danse enivrante et émotionnelle adaptée à une soirée intime.

We had just recently heard from our friend and frequent collaborator RADARGRAM (Ludovic) who stems from the North France . A week or so later he has just dropped several brand shining new tracks on a playlist named; FEMALE VOICE featured on his SOUNDCLOUD channel.

These fresh sounding, crisp electro works, are fronted by sophisticated female vocals in English. The ambient mini-album features: À CHAQUE FOIS (Every time), a 3m34sec synth pop song incorporating pulsating drums and a chunky bass punctuating spacey back-up vocals brings his game up a level.

The second piece is titled JUNGLE made of pure unadulterated funk. The use of the same instruments throughout the series creates a smooth yet wild transition with his personal touch. His unique ambient sound that the vocals punctuate in style. The result is dance floor material that swings round and round giving off a unique atmospheric mood that gets your feet moving as well as your brains. The lyrics are succinct and to the point.

The quality he develops are mapped out like a curve, and the songs, the riffs, the melodies get better and better as we move forward onto: THE FIELD flows with the same smoothness and layered percussion while the vocals. Then comes: